Some trivia about running! Try to check this page regularly as I will update this page with new tips, tricks, facts and figures about running.

General tips

  • Use running shoes while running! It is recommended to visit and be informed at a specialized store.
  • Don’t stretch before running.
  • Defeat boredom by inviting friends or listen to a great playlist.
  • Set goals
  • Walking during training is not a crime!
  • Consistency is key!
  • Running gives you not only a better condition, but it also influences your personal well-being & confidence
  • Do not always train at maximum intensity
  • Be patient while building up your training intensity.
  • Running is not all about running alone, also train your core stability.
  • Land on your mid-sole, don’t land on the back of your foot, this will make your runs harder or lead to injury
  • ENJOY while running!

How to run faster

  • Interval training
  • Hill training
  • Food! Give your body the energy it needs.
  • Accelerate during training
  • Power training
  • Don’t overtrain! Insert some rest days in your training scheme.